I Am Doing Really Well

I guess that some guys are lucky and others are not. I must have gotten the luck from a couple of poor guys. I was going to school at UMass in Amherst when I met the girl, that was about seven months ago and at first it was not anything at all. We were usually in the library at the same time and we both knew some other people. She wanted help with her computer science studies and that is how it started. However at some point we started to date. Now she has a nice Arlington apartments and when my lease expired I moved in with her. Of course that is not the big thing, which is this job that she helped me to get. I went there expecting it to be a real interview, but in fact it turned out that the guy was shocked that I was actually qualified for the job. I asked him what was going on and he asked me if I really did not know. He opened his office door and pointed towards a portrait in the lobby. “That’s her grandfather” he said.

At first I did not realize what was going on, but when I was being shown around Emily’s uncle came up to me. I immediately noticed that everyone was making really sure to look as though they were busy. It was obvious that he was in charge. In fact I had known that her uncle had money, but I did not ever realize that the entire family owned a very large company. It is not as though they are all millionaires, but even Emily owns a big amount of stock in the venture. It is going to be interesting when I try to figure out how I fit in, but for now I am just going to start learning the job.